The Ultimate Eating Out Guide

From roadside restaurants to five-star fine dining, there are endless options for eating out in Malaysia! We’ve put together the ultimate Eating Out guide for a true taste test of the Malaysian menu.

  • Makan, Malaysia, Merdeka

    With Merdeka Day just around the corner, we’re taking a look back through Malaysia’s colourful culinary history to see just what makes our makan so diverse and delicious. The melting [...]

  • National Icons: Best Restaurants Near Dataran Merdeka

    NATIONAL DISHES: BEST RESTAURANTS NEAR MERDEKA SQUARE Looking for what to do this coming Merdeka? Try out these iconic restaurants near our most iconic landmark! ALI, MUTHU & AH HOCK [...]

  • National Pride: Best Ways to Celebrate Merdeka

    National Pride: Best Ways to Celebrate Merdeka This 31st August, Malaysia will mark its 61st year of independence. Malaysians up and down the country and across the world will gather [...]

  • Malaysia’s Most Masyhur Makan (Famous Foods)

    Ask anyone on the street what their favorite thing about living in Malaysia is, and you’ll find “food” is the most frequent answer. And no surprise – our delicious and [...]

  • Undiscovered KL: Best Hidden Cafes

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  • Sizzling Satay: The Best in Klang Valley

    Grilled meat on a stick: sounds simple, right? Sure, satay might look easy, but there are all sorts of secrets to the perfect skewer, from the meat marinade to the [...]

  • Best Budget Seafood Restaurants in KL

    Malaysians love seafood. Steamed, stir-fried, baked, barbecued, in a spicy soup or a claypot curry; saltwater, freshwater, shellfish, salted fish … we simply can’t get enough of the stuff. Even [...]

  • Best Nasi Kerabu in Kuala Lumpur

    Feeling blue? Kerabu! Nasi kerabu, a popular Malay meal, is a beautiful bluecoloured rice dish served with dried fish, fried chicken or grilled beef (or all three) along with keropok [...]

  • Notorious Noodles: Malaysia’s Most Popular Laksa

    Laksa, a popular Peranakan-inspired noodle dish, is one of Malaysia’s most famous meals; no mean feat considering our massive menu. Consisting of rice noodles served in spicy coconut-based curry broth, [...]

  • KL: Best Places to Buy Seafood on a Budget

    Cooking a slap-up seafood meal can be as daunting as it is delicious – but it doesn’t have to be difficult. We’re blessed with variety and volume in KL – [...]

  • Dummie’s Guide To Healthy Eating

    Malaysia is famous for its food, and no surprise; whether sizzling street food or gourmet buffets, we do it all and we do it well. But the fact is, the [...]

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